Embracing the Constant Change

Welcome to 2017, we have started again a week earlier than most businesses mainly because of the work that needs to be done in time for events happening in the Devonport Area.

2016 saw us changing direction again with increased signage work we are now doing. You may have seen some of the Perspex Signage along with Translucent Signage, Vehicle Signage, Ship Signage and Small Business Shop Signage that we now supply on our Web Page and Business Facebook Page.

You can take advantage of the speed now available for Trade Printing which is now done for work that can't be done on our Digital Press such as larger print run jobs.

All our Clients Wind Flags and Vinyl Banners are now printed and delivered from China with usually a 4 day Airfreight delivery.

We are in the process of a large order of Promotional Products that have been shipped from China taking 13 days to arrive in Melbourne from China. This has been a learning curve understanding Bill of Lading and other paper work requirements of which we have sourced help from a Tasmanian Shipping Company to advise on procedures etc.

We are embracing the Constant Change with the latest changes for us switching to NBN this week, our alarm system is now Wireless setup. All our emails are Office 365 setup and in use. We are doing some inhouse signage changes on the building to keep them up to date.

Our Celloglazer unit now has the capability to celloglaze both sides in gloss or matt or gloss one side and matt on the other on Business Cards, book covers etc.

Labels and Stickers on Rolls is a new product we now sell.

Electrostatic Film printing is a New Product we run through our Digital Press and Versacamm Wide Format printer.


Rodney Stagg

R J Print and Signs P 6424 5441

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