The Benefits of Custom and Personalised Promotional Products

How can you cost-effectively market your business, improve the impressions that customers have of your company, and stay in the minds of existing customers long after their last visit to your business? The answer is with promotional products. With customised promotional gifts, you can establish stronger relationships with your customers, boost brand recall and pave the way for long term customer retention.


At RJ Print and Signs, we offer printing for a range of promotional gifts, including tote bags, rulers, pens, magnets, water bottles and business cards. We can help you reap the many benefits of custom promotional products. From simple logo printed designs to more complicated designs, we always help our clients achieve the exact aesthetic and style they want. Our view is that, if you’re excited about the selection of a promotional gift, your customers will be too.


Why Personalised Promotional Products Are Effective


What are the benefits of custom promotional products and why do so many businesses invest in them? Here are just a few of the common perks that we help our clients take advantage of at RJ Print and Signs:


  • Increased brand recall and recognition: Brands fall out of people’s heads easily. Even people who have shopped at your store, visited your office, or engaged your services might remember the interaction, but forget your company name and information. When you can get your logo, brand name and contact information into a person’s home, office, or car—whether in the form of a water bottle or a pen—you increase brand recall. If you are seeking potential customers, meanwhile, handing out promotional gifts will help familiarise them with your brand and increase your odds of conversion.

  • Customer goodwill: Plain and simple, customers appreciate receiving something tactile and practical from their favourite brands. It doesn’t matter how small or minor those gifts are. Anyone can use something like a pen or a drink bottle. Giving these items out to your customers free of charge builds customer goodwill for your brand and increases the chances of repeat business. This loyalty and retention can benefit your business significantly in the long term, delivering value that far outstrips the cost of the promotional gifts.

  • Powerful lead generation: Say you set up shop at a conference or event and start trying to generate leads. Which tactic do you think is going to bring more people to your booth: offering free promotional products or simply doing an informative presentation and handing out business cards? Free stuff attracts people, gives them a reason to learn about your business, helps them remember your brand name and makes them more likely to do business with your company in the future. No other form of event-based lead generation is as powerful.


The list of benefits goes on and on but suffice to say that promotional gifts are a tough-to-beat means of building your audience and retaining your existing customers.


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